Preconference Workshop Session: Smartphone Investigations with Amber Schroader

This preconference session is open to all at no additional charge

Smartphones are the technology addiction of today and understanding how they store data and how to dig through the many potential artifacts to find your potential evidence is critical for investigators, attorneys, and managers to understand. This training will walk you through the proper handling of the devices and seizure and acquisition of the information. Students will do hands on analysis to understand where to find critical data on a smartphone and what expectation they should have when dealing with Apps. Both Android OS and iOS will be discussed in this training.

Student Requirements

Students must bring laptop with the following specifications
• Windows 7 or Windows 10
• 8 GB RAM
• Free Disc Space: 1GB for the program installation on the system drive and minimum 2GB for storing data
• Microsoft™ .NET Framework 4.6.1 Installed

Each student will be provided with a thumb drive with a trial license to the software used in the training as well as a lab file. Students wishing to retain the trial license will be required to fill out a form to retain the license.