OSINT for Real-Time Intelligence Gathering – Paul Raffile & Sofia Salazar

This workshop shares techniques and technologies to more effectively monitor and rapidly respond to global events with real-time OSINT & social media intelligence. Led by a team of intelligence analysts, this session introduces a variety of free online tools that security analysts, crisis managers, corporate security, journalists, and law enforcement can use to improve their situational awareness and crisis management capabilities during local and global incidents. This session highlights real-life case studies in which opensource intelligence and social media intelligence enabled teams to effectively attain a comprehensive situational awareness during emergent incidents domestically and abroad. The case studies cover geopolitical crises, protests, terrorism, extreme weather, and disasters. Attendees will improve their ability to use OSINT and social media to monitor real-time events, sift through misinformation and disinformation, and develop the skills to react more effectively, more quickly, and with better intelligence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the online tools that can help enhance your situational awareness about local and global events as they are occurring.
  • Improve your ability to monitor and rapidly respond to global incidents and location-based threats that could impact you or your organization’s personnel, locations, and assets.
  • Learn how to leverage OSINT to combat the disinformation and misinformation that tends to spread following major events, crises, and incidents.

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