Methodologies for Due Diligence – Daniel Clemens

Analysts and investigators experience a tension between reliable collection and the analysis of collected artifacts. This session shows a structured methodology for asking the right questions in collection (manual or automated), how to put the puzzle pieces together to gain insights (analysis), and how to adequately push reporting and findings to management or to actionable goals. These methods have been used in long-term investigations spanning up to 4 years in length as well as in smaller teams.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to ask the right questions to properly collect the correct data with a repeatable, scalable process that mixes manual and automated methods
  • Analyze how different clues represent different things in different cultural contexts as well as methods on putting the puzzle pieces together for teams and analysts with differing skill levels
  • Obtain the skills to produce reports correctly in a way that enables the analyst to focus on content, not formatting. 

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