Combining Dark Web Data and Open Source Intelligence – Nicholas Finnberg

Only accessible via special software, the Dark Web has become a major problem for global law enforcement agencies. Developed by US military researchers in the mid 1990s as a method for spies to communicate anonymously and opened to the public in 2004, the Dark Web has become a haven for criminals to communicate as well as sell illegal goods and services. The hardest part about conducting Dark Web investigations is identifying the person behind the username.

The best way to identify Dark Web suspects is to combine Dark Web data and OSINT. Attendees of this class will learn how the two data sources can be combined. The class agenda includes: An Introduction into the Dark Web, Dark Web Case Examples, How to Combine Dark Web Data with OSINT. Additionally, attendees will see a real-life workflow using the Dark Web and OSINT techniques to identify a suspect using the Dark Web to sell illegal narcotics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how the Dark Web works
  • Examine Dark Web case examples
  • Understand how to combine Dark Web data and OSINT for Investigations

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