OSMOSIS Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for OSMOSIS Institute (“OSMOSIS”) as purchased through the website osmosiscon.com.

Terms of Delivery

The OSMOSIS training sessions are delivered by authorized instructors. The outline for each session is provided as a guiding agenda document. OSMOSIS reserves the right to adjust the syllabus of any course at its sole discretion and without notice in order to ensure the most current material is presented.

The customer understands that OSMOSIS is delivered as informational and educational services. No guarantees are made regarding the results participants will obtain from the information reviewed during the event.

Participants and Customer Responsibilities

Participants are responsible for the following:

    • Participants meet the recommendations as suggested during the needs assessment.
    • Participants attend each training session and participate in training activities as directed by the instructor.
    • Participants will not copy or distribute, in whole or in part, any copyrighted class material acquired during the class without the express written permission of OSMOSIS.
    • Participants will be considerate and respectful to all attendees, instructors, and staff, refraining from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior, materials, and speech.
    • The OSMOSIS Institute reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate, including warning or expelling a participant from the event with no refund. For more egregious behavior not within the likes of the conference, The OSMOSIS Institute may temporarily ban or permanently expel a participant from the event.

Payment Terms and Conditions

The rate charged for OSMOSIS attendance is stated clearly next to each item. For your convenience, OSMOSIS accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, checks, and money orders.

All money orders and checks should be sent to the following address:

OSMOSIS Institute
593 Ringwood Avenue
Wanaque, NJ 07465

Special Needs or Requests

Please contact us to discuss any special needs or requests, or anything that will make your conference an educational and pleasant experience. We will do our best to meet your need or request within reason.


One registration is required per attendee. All coupons must be applied at time of purchase. All classes are subject to change at the discretion of the OSMOSIS. Requests for refunds must be received in writing or by e-mail September 8th and are subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee. If a request for refund is received between September 9th and October 1st, they are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50%. No refunds will be granted after this time period, including post-conference registrations of video broadcast access. If OSMOSIS is conducted as an in-person conference, individuals are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations. OSMOSIS does not accept liability for hotel or travel costs. For more information regarding Acts of God or Acts of Law refunds, complaints and/or program cancellation policies, please contact our offices at admin@osmosisinstitute.org.

Virtual Attendance Policy

OSMOSIS (and any third party platform provider acting on our behalf) will use your personal information during the registration process to host and manage this digital event and for analyzing visitor traffic with a view to improving the event experience for visitors.

Upon registration you may have chosen to withhold permission to share your data with third parties (i.e. sponsors & exhibitors), however when entering a virtual exhibition booth and/or a sponsored session/track/briefing or viewing/downloading sponsor/exhibitor resources, your personal information will be shared with the exhibitor or sponsor to allow them to engage with you and they may also follow-up and use your details for marketing purposes. If you accept a connection or meeting invite, then your full contact details will be shared directly with another attendee, sponsor or exhibitor and they may follow-up and use your details for marketing purposes.