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Online Social Media Primer, 300 minutes, 5 CEUs

* Complimentary to OSMOSIScon 2021 attendees How well are you incorporating social media into your cyber investigations? No worries—we all start somewhere! This online social media primer details the treasure trove of riches social media offers to an open source investigator. With just a few mouse clicks away, leads can be discovered, facts challenged, and […]

Open Source Intelligence—Start to Finish, an OSMOSIS Primer Webinar Series, 360 minutes, 6 CEUs

* Complimentary to OSMOSIScon 2021 attendees Designed as an online investigations’ primer, this series provides the basics of open source intelligence gathering to those entering the field. With three days of content, the field investigator will complete the 360 minutes of training with the tools needed to conduct open source intelligence investigations. What to Expect: […]