John Pizzuro – 2020 OSMOSIS Speaker

John Pizzuro has 24 years of experience from a State Police Agency, serving as the Commander of a Regional Internet Crimes against Children Task Force. John Pizzuro currently oversees 70 law enforcement agencies comprised of over 200 people. John’s unique approach to leadership and partnerships has increased productivity in his task force by 100% over the last three years. John Pizzuro has been able to infuse neuroscience and research with real world experience. His work in neuroscience has provided him with a unique perspective on human behavior, body language, and other cognitive behavior. John Pizzuro has extensive experience in interviewing suspects, witnesses, and victims during the course of numerous investigations. His approach to these interviews and countless personal interactions combined with the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques has provided him with the ability to recognize non-verbal cues and gain more cooperation and information. John Pizzuro is certified as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and has an M.A. in Human Resource Development and Training. He currently serves on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Public Awareness and Education Committee and is a Co-Facilitator for a working group for the National Children’s Alliance.

Social Engineering

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