Allan Bachman – 2019 OSMOSIS Emcee

Allan’s fraud investigation experience extends back to his first job out of college in the early 70’s. He has an MBA in information systems technology specializing in computer and data security. Allan has been a CFE since 1993.

Previously Allan has worked or has consulted for retail, real estate, manufacturing and has extensive consulting experience for small to medium businesses. In each of these, he has actively worked fraud cases.

Allan has taught college courses in accounting/auditing and information systems security. He now regularly conducts training sessions and speaks for national organizations at their annual and regional events on a variety of anti-fraud and fraud related topics, including Investigating on the Internet using Social Media, how and why Ponzi schemes continue to flourish, the ACFE’s biannual Report to the Nations and Ethics and the Mindset of the Fraudster.

Prior to joining the ACFE Allan worked in Higher Education as director of internal audit where he also managed IT projects specializing in information and access security. His largest fraud investigation, well into seven figures, was conducted during this time.

Just prior to retiring last August Allan was responsible for the educational content of all ACFE domestic and international conferences, new seminar development and online learning. He has also been an active training partner speaking at many ACFE, Chapter, and other association events.