The History of OSMOSIS

OSMOSIS 2022 – Tampa, Florida

Conference Emcee: Megan Munoz
Keynote Speaker – Jason Denno – Conflict Within the Information Environment

Peter Warmka – Deep Fakes And Artificial Intelligence Threats
Rachel Kronenfeld – Social Media: Identifying Unknown Users
Kara Galles – Foreign Searching Practices: How to Find Information in a Language and Place Far Away
Mariel Klosterman – Cardinal Control: Utilizing Sock Puppets for Investigations
Buddy Jericho – OSINT & Counter Sex Trafficking – An Introduction To Skull Games | Expert OSINT Panel
Arno Reuser – Arno’s OSINT Methodology
Billy Rodgers – Web 3.0 Read, Write, Trust?
Chris Poulter – Dark Web – The Other Side | Expert OSINT Panel
Amber Schroader – The Digital Data & Social Media of Digital Gaming | Expert OSINT Panel
Mike Raggo & Chet Hosmer – Rock Layers of OSINT Data Analysis
Elisabeth Hanolen – Expert OSINT Panel
William Mechler – OSINT Academy | Expert OSINT Panel
Pre-Conference Session – Megan Munoz – OSINT Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Pre-Conference Session – Arno Reuser – Requirement Analysis and Problem Deconstruction

3rd Annual Open Source Award Winners 
Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year | Jill Everitt
Open Source Rising Star of the Year | Crystal Nawaz
Open Source Diversity Trailblazer of the Year | Tracy Maleeff
Open Source Legacy Intelligence Officer of the Year | Patricia Guitard
Open Source Technology Innovation of the Year | PimEyes
Open Source Non-Profit of the Year | Endangered Species Protection Agency

OSMOSIS 2021 – San Diego, California

Emcee: Kirby Plessas

Keynote Speaker, Fred Burton — The Evolution of Protective Intelligence
Rob Douglas — Using Marketplaces for Valuable OSINT Data
Arno Reuser — OSINT: Requirement Analysis and Problem Deconstruction – Principles and Techniques
Paul Raffle & Sofia Salazar — OSINT for Real-Time Intelligence Gathering
Keven Hendricks — Creating Digital Ghosts and Synthetic Identities
Jennifer Mackovjak & Andrew Keith — You Have An Investigation To Conduct, But Can Only Use The Library
Arica Kulm — Identifying Host-Based Artifacts In Dark Web Investigations
Efren Torres — From OSINF to OSINT: Foundations of Intelligence Writing
Buddy Jericho — Digital Disinformation
Dr. Ashley Podhradsky & Cynthia Hetherington — Introduction to OSINT Academy

2nd Annual Open Source Award Winners
Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year | Benjamin Strick
Open Source Rising Star of the Year | Mariel Klosterman
Open Source Technology Innovation of the Year |
Open Source Non-Profit of the Year | Network Contagion Research Institute

OSMOSIS 2020 – Virtual Globalcast

Emcee: Kirby Plessas

Brian Pate – Identifying Common Rogue Marketplaces on the Surface Web
Hendrik van der Meulen – Countering Risks with Open-Source Intelligence Analysis
Nicholas Finnberg – Combining Dark Web Data and Open Source Intelligence
Micah Hoffman – Revealing the Hidden Surface Web, Beyond Googling it
Cynthia Hetherington & Amber Schroader – Information Exposed: Opting Out & Managing the World of Connected Devices
John Pizzuro – Social Engineering
Daniel Clemens – Methodologies for Due Diligence
Chet Hosmer – Python OSINT Collection from Geographic Hot Spots – Live While They Happen
Chris Poulter – Using Social Engagement Metrics for Robust Link Analysis


OSMOSIS 2019 – Orlando, Florida

Emcee: Allan Bachman

David Benford – Hostile Profiling: Security Vulnerabilities from Open Sources
Chris Brenner – Open-Source Geolocation: Without Metadata
Cynthia Hetherington – Practical OSINT: Protecting Yourself Online
Joshua Hopping – Website Investigations in a Post-GDPR World
Andrew Lewman – Investigating Darknets
Rory McMahon – Conducting Asset Searches
Kirby Plessas – OSINT for Cryptocurrency Attribution
Dr. Ashley Podhradsky – CybHER Security Institute (Women in Cyber Security)
Michael Schidlow – Counterfeit Goods: Money Laundering in Plain Sight
Amber Schroader – Smartphone Investigations
Steve Wiideman – Advanced Search & Monitor Techniques

OSMOSIS 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Emcee: Allan Bachman

Brian Allen – Enterprise Security Risk Management: Using Risk Principles to Define Your Role and Guide a Proper Output
Angela Aufmuth – Following the Digital Footprints: NCMEC’s Use of OSINT in Child Sex Trafficking Cases
Don Colcolough – Anonymization and De-Anonymization – Proactive OSINT Tools and Techniques
Andrew Fordred – Dirty Business: Exposing Them With A Little Help From Some Friends
Cynthia Hetherington & Cynthia Navarro – Practical OSINT: Protecting Yourself Online
Eric Huber – Virtual Currency Investigations
Andrew Lewman – Introduction to Darknets
Kirby Plessas – Charting a Dark Web Investigation – Mapping Out the Darkness
Anthony Reyes – OSINT Forensics
Andrew Rudd – Open Social Intelligence and Cyber-Related Information in Anti-Money Laundering Investigations
Amber Schroader – IoT Devices Untapped Digital Intelligence

OSMOSIS 2017 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Jeff Bedser – Something Dark: Peering Into The Dark Web
Mike Dores – Public Records for Skiptracing & Asset Location
Cynthia Hetherington – On the Lighter Side: Ethics in Open Source Investigations
Josh Huff – OSINT Techniques for Social Media Investigations
Johnny Long – What is the Hacking Community?
Chad Los Schumacher – Beyond Whois: Connecting the Digital Dots
Kirby Plessas- Advanced Methodology for Website Link Analysis
Paul Raffile – OSINT in Corporate Security
Amber Schroader – Smartphone Data & Using it in Your Investigation
Emmanuelle Welch – Hacking the Meet-up and Hook-up Apps

OSMOSIS 2016 – Anaheim, California

Michael Bazzell – New OSINT Strategies, Thinking Outside the Box
Jeff Neithercutt – Tactical Hacking and Social Media
Marcy Phelps – Online Sources and Strategies for Due Diligence Investigations
Eli Rosenblatt – Beyond the Big Four, Digging Deeper into New and Emerging Social Networks
Ethan Wall – Social Media and the Law

OSMOSIS 2015 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Michael Bazzell – Covert Searching on Social Media
Jeff Bedser – New Tech Tools in Social Media
Nicole Bocra – Asset Investigations and Social Media
Cynthia Hetherington – Who’s afraid of the Dark Web?
Michele Stuart – Cellular Open Sources as a Tool for Investigators
David Toddington – International Social Media Investigation
Ethan Wall – Social Media and the Law
Steve Wiideman – Information Weapons Managing Online Reputation in Search Engine Results