Edward Ajaeb – 2019 Bits & Bytes Discussion Expert
Table Topic: Digital Sleuthing at Your Fingertips – Online networks and social media sites define our everyday lives. All of this digital interaction is a goldmine waiting for investigators and intelligence professionals. Expand your toolkit with some intelligence collection techniques for a few popular mobile apps, websites, and online platforms that can be applied to your investigation or research. 

Edward J. Ajaeb is an experienced private investigator, intelligence analyst, online researcher, business owner, and national speaker specializing in social media and digital investigations, open source intelligence, and security analysis.

As founder and president of Nighthawk Strategies, Edward has built on many years of experience to successfully help clients navigate complex security, intelligence, and investigative needs. As a licensed private investigator, he has developed specialties in social media investigations, online research, background investigations, due diligence, and open source intelligence. His clients have included non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies,international research firms, and government officials and agencies.

As a business owner, he has grown his company into a competitive, internationally-respected brand in the investigative and security communities. He has presented at several national conferences, appeared on multiple podcasts, and published articles in a variety of publications in the security, investigations, and research industries, including Pursuit Magazine, PI Magazine, Online Searcher, and Hetherington Group’s Data2Know newsletter.