Bits and Bytes Speakers

Amber Schroader – Smartphone Evidence and OSINT

Lawson Ferguson – High-Volume Memers, Channels, and Groups – Separating Jokes From Leads With Media Analytics

Mariel Klosterman – Sock Puppets: Their Use in Information Gathering

Matthew Spaier – Navigating the New World of Digital Conferences, OSINT Resources and Remote Networking

Rachel Kronenfeld – How To Find John Smith Online (Fast), Tips for Researching Someone With a Common Name

Brian Perlman – Using OSINT-Based Evidence in Human Rights and War Crimes Prosecutions

Brian Strider – Cyber & Intelligence Overview

Merrilee Riley – National Council of Investigative and Security Services: The Reason You Have Data Access

Thomas Fogle – Down the Rabbit Hole: OSINT & Counterterrorism Research