How to Protect Your Client with Geofencing Tools

If you are still searching for an alternative to GeoFeedia and other geofencing tools, here are some alternative sites to use.

MediaSonar and Echosec both offer geofencing and social media monitoring. Fully equipped with Twitter feeds and Instagram matches, these services provide excellent leads for investigators concerned with geographically sensitive areas. 

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Echosec has a large amount of data providers across a diverse set of platforms. A quick search can be performed by location, username, key word, or data type. The quick search is great for breaking news. Echosec’s advanced search is fast and user friendly, generating a combination of Boolean and logic for you such as a keyword within a location or a username within a location. Liferaft’s Navigator is also an excellent resource that sends useful alerts throughout your engagement. LifeRaft is another Canadian company, based in Nova Scotia. Its Navigator product has many of the features of Echosec, including saved geo-location- and non-geo-location-based searches, which LifeRaft calls “queries.” 

Useful Tip

If your executive client is traveling to London or Paris, you may want to find out about any protests or uprisings, terrorist attacks, or parades occurring at the same time. Such events could not only disrupt travel but also present potential hazards for your client and family.

Pricing modules range from a few dollars a month to several thousands. For redundancy, you might want to use several services. Call each and ask for a review of their products. 

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Matt and Trevor are investigative analysts at Hetherington Group, where they use their open source research skills to extract data from social media accounts, conduct risk assessments, and monitor subjects for clients in pharma, tech, retail, and entertainment. Both are contributing writers to Hg’s Data2Know, Industry Undercover, and OSINT Slack channels. On their lunch breaks, they can be found outside playing frisbee with their four-legged colleagues.