The Janes stamp of trust means supplying our customers with timely, validated, unbiased and relevant intelligence in a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information.

With an unmatched legacy of more than 120 years, Janes has adapted, expanded, and developed its unique tradecraft whilst transitioning from a traditional military publisher to the leading global agency for open-source intelligence.

Today Janes partners with global government agencies and leading military manufacturers across the world and is at the forefront of analysis in the open-source information domain. Rigorous validation and verification of information produces intelligence that provides a second pair of eyes for critical decision making, plus complimentary capabilities that help companies deliver more robust products for crucial situations.

Janes analysts collect a vast volume of information from a diverse range of sources, carrying out primary research, scrutinising press releases, MOD releases, news, blogs, images, and video intelligence. Additionally, Janes employ automated web crawlers that look for relevant information across 100,000 web pages per day. 41,000 individual pieces of equipment are covered, as well as more than 600,000 events that impact risk or security, ensuring that Janes customers receive up-to-date and connected open-source intelligence.