Blackdot Solutions makes Videris, a complete OSINT investigations platform. With Videris, investigators can overcome common OSINT challenges by collecting, analysing and reporting on OSINT data – and combining it with internal data – all in a single, secure interface. Benefits include:

  • Work 5x faster – Videris brings all your sources into one place, so you can save time on manual collection, and concentrate on analysis.
  • Improve accuracy and make confident decisions – Advanced filtering and visualisation tools highlight key information and links across data types.
  • Establish consistent, transparent processes –  Automated logging and sourcing makes every investigation totally auditable – even if important evidence is later removed from the internet.
  • Future-proof your OSINT strategy – The need for high-quality OSINT operations is increasing. Minimise error-prone manual processes and establish OSINT as a central pillar of your investigative strategy with an enterprise-grade investigations platform.

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