Will you be the Official Capture the Flag Winner?

OSMOSIScon Kicks Off Conference with NW3C Capture the Flag Contest

Get in on the action with this exciting opening kickoff to OSMOSIScon 2020! Crafted by conference supporter National White Collar Crime Center, this unique Capture the Flag event fuels our competitive OSINT spirit.

This week, conference participants are cyber hunting and conducting open source drills in a quest to hoist up the victorious honor of being known the Winner amongst OSINT warriors.

Join us on Sunday night, October 11, to kick off the 6th Annual OSMOSIScon and celebrate our OSINT operatives, as they share the tactics and clues to each of our queries and reveal how the answers may have not been so open after all. Highlights of this live event include: NW3C talking all things OSINT, our challenges, the flag, and, of course, the announcement of our top three winners! Just think, it could be you!


    • 1st Place—2021 OCON Globalcast Registration ($999 value)
    • 2nd Place—$300 Amazon Gift Card
    • 3rd Place—$100 Amazon Gift Card

Register today and maximize your online investigations with shortcuts, tips, trending investigative tools, and advanced research techniques for all skill levels at the 6th Annual OSMOSIScon virtual Globalcast October 11 – 13. Join 100s of other cyber intel specialists and immerse yourself in engaging OSINT/SOCMINT workshops (up to 16 CEUs) and explore the Expo, where on-point solution professionals offer experiential learning on their latest products and services to enhance your research and investigations.