Envisioned by Hetherington Group’s founder and president Cynthia Hetherington.  Led by Cynthia Navarro, principal of Finnegan’s Way and OSMOSISCon’s distinguished Board of Advisors.  OSMOSIS aims to advance the open source intelligence tradecraft through a variety of initiatives.

Our Goal

  • To advance the tradecraft of Open Source Intelligence through the sharing of knowledge, skills, techniques, tools, and best practices
  • To promote and maintain high professional and ethical standards amongst members
  • Encourage OSINT professionals to share and discuss common issues in the industry, crowdsource knowledge, and develop solutions
  • Keep the public informed of changes in the industry, along with the ethical and social responsibilities of OSINT professionals

Member Pricing

Standard | 1 Year Membership

$200 per year (renews annually)

LEO + Government | 1 Year

$75 per year (renews annually)

Student | 1 Year Membership

$50 per year (renews annually)

If interested in purchasing a LEO/Government or student membership, please email us at admin@osmosisinstitute.org.

What’s to Come

  • Currently, bylaws, ethics, training, and strategic partnerships are being established
  • Soon, you’ll hear from Association leaders on steps to access our members-only virtual community, launching in early 2023
  • This portal contains training at special rates, free content, group forums, and more
  • Inaugural members will be able to directly impact and advance the association as it grows

“It’s time to elevate this essential profession that has—until now—primarily worked for the public good behind closed doors. The OSMOSIS Association will offer camaraderie and community to a vast network of open source professionals around the world. We invite experts, novices, and students of our field to come together and champion our indelible mark on society, while advancing our skills and tradecraft through rigorous professional development standards and an ironclad code of ethics.”

—Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, CII.

We want your input!

Share your ideas, initiatives, and feedback with us below.

    “It is an honor to have been chosen as the inaugural president of the OSMOSIS association. Cynthia and I have been inspired and guided by the Institute’s Board of Advisors and trusted leaders in our industry to identify the needs of our global network and to establish the foundational tenets of community, innovation, and communication for our new association and its members.”

    —Cynthia Navarro, Association President