William Mechler has been a Law Enforcement officer in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. During his tenure he has received numerous awards including the highest award available to Law Enforcement Officers, the Prestigious Medal of Valor. This stemmed from an incident in 2012 when William was off duty and observed a suspect with a firearm attempting to kidnap a 5 year old child. William engaged the armed suspect, prevented the kidnaping and saved the child’s life.

This experience changed Williams life and opened his eyes to how much of his personal information was readily available to the public. After receiving dozens of calls, as well as knocks on his door from the media, He began researching how to remove his information from databases. Additionally he researched how data brokers aggregated the information they had obtained about him. William took these skills he learned and developed numerous courses which he teaches Law Enforcement Officers throughout the State of Florida on how to remove their information from the internet.
William has taken numerous Internet related research courses and in Early 2022, William graduated from the inaugural class of the OSINT Academy, a collaboration between the NSA, Dakota State University and The Hetherington Group.
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