Does your target lead you to foreign places and foreign languages? Is the language not your native tongue?  What if the country is not ‘friends’ with the country you are searching from?  This presentation will provide an overview of how to search in a non-native, sometimes entirely unfamiliar, language to triage information.  Users will learn how to change some software to look like their searches are being done from a different country.  This presentation will discuss how to get started searching in a language that is not a native tongue and discuss how to organize to search in foreign languages.  It will help identify how to refine search and language sets for Google dorking.  Strategies to increase data accuracy and confidence will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • How to organize and search in a foreign language unknown to the analyst
  • How to get better regionalized OSINT data from fire-walled countries 
  • Methodologies to double-check triaged data

kara galles

KG is a founder and partner of The Akeeli Group, LLC.  She is a social media exploitation expert, threat analyst, and is responsible for managing The Akeeli Group’s analyst teams and collection operations. Most recently, KG held the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Krypteia LLC where she was recognized as an expert using social media for business and intelligence purposes.  She is a former Senior Intelligence Analyst and International Marketing Expert at SAIC as a consultant regarding the use of social media for commercial marketing practices.  Prior to her most recent experience, KG spent her career applying technology to communications, politics, and marketing.  She worked as a staffer on Capitol Hill, managed United Airlines’ web operations, and was a senior manager at Marriott International.

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