This session will explore the world of dark nets and “the dark web” in a deeper context. We’ll explore how dark web activity can be tracked & aligned to geopolitical events through how drugs, guns, and murder-for-hire are advertised and what investigators can do about it. Taking participants on a deeper journey to understand what dark nets are and how to access them safely, we will drill down into the technical details of broader attribution considerations that are often overlooked when operating on dark nets, and expand on how to effectively find and investigate dark web illicit services by learning about information slippage across surface, deep/dark web to peel back the layers of illegal ecosystems. Finally, we will look at some novel approaches to automating the collection and monitoring of dark nets and respective services to support OSINT requirements. The talk will speak to all levels from decision-makers through to technical analysts. Key takeaways for the audience will be understanding networks, safely operating on dark nets, monitoring TOR for geopolitical activity, investigating illicit sites and services, and setting up automated collection activities to support enduring investigations with minimal technical skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the dark web in a deeper context and task relevant 
  • Investigating and peeling back illegal eco-systems 
  • Building a stronger technical understanding for offensive and defensive attribution


Chris is the Founder & CEO of OSINT Combine who are leaders in open-source intelligence training & software with support to counter-human trafficking, counter-terrorism, law enforcement & other strategically important efforts around the world. He spent over a decade in the Australian Defence Force with extensive operational experience around the world. He has an established background working in military and law enforcement environments domestically & overseas, with proven outcomes in developing open-source intelligence capability to multi-national teams that service strategic and operational objectives where the cyber, human and physical terrain overlap. Additionally, he is the creator of NexusXplore, a leading OSINT software platform that is trusted globally in supporting complex mission sets in the open-source environment. His understanding of the nexus between the physical & digital terrain positions him as a leader in open-source intelligence.

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