Arno’s OSINT Methodology is an outline of a systematic, planned and structured methodology to do open source research and produce actionable intelligence using the RIS OSINT Intelligence cycle. Simply starting up Google and hammering in one or two randomly chosen keywords is a very common search strategy by many OSINTians. Real OSINT research however is a very tedious process that can only be done when following a strict procedure of structure, planning and working systematically. The RIS OSINT Intelligence Cycle is a graphical display of the entire OSINT production process and will be used as the umbrella process to explain the Delphi OSINT Wheel. Each logical step in the OSINT process will be explained in context with the other steps.

Learning Objectives

  • Grasp concepts of The RIS OSINT Intelligence Cycle and Delphi OSINT Wheel
  • Integrate structure and process into OSINT investigations
  • Explore new investigation methodologies for stronger and more efficient investigations and analysis 


Founder and manager of Open Source Intelligence branch, NLMOD from 1990-2013, librarian, author, speaker, teacher, programmer, and mentor.