Over 1.2 billion people play online gaming, and it has become a hub of data for potential investigations. The average gaming session lasts hours where interaction into an entirely new virtual world can leave fingerprints of conversations, relationships, and data. Jump into this virtual reality of online gaming to see what new information can be gathered from this emerging social network. You will learn the different popular gaming environments, social media tools used by gamers, and their associated artifacts.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the different digital gaming environments 
  • Review popular gaming social media tools 
  • Examine available artifacts associated with digital gaming


Throughout the past two decades Ms Schroader has been a driving force for innovation in digital forensics. Ms. Schroader has developed over two-dozen software programs designed for the purposes of recovering digital data from mobile phones, computer hard drives, email, and live monitoring services. Ms. Schroader has taught and designed the established protocols for the seizure and processing of digital evidence that have been used by numerous organizations throughout the world. Ms. Schroader has coined the concept of the “360-degree approach to digital forensics” as well as started the momentum and push to the “Forensics of Everything-FoE” with her focus to unique problems in digital evidence and solutions. Ms. Schroader has been a huge industry influence in pushing for a big-picture consideration of the digital evidence and the acquisition process and analysis techniques used. An accomplished curriculum developer and instructor; Ms. Schroader has written and taught numerous classes for this specialized field as well as founded multiple certifications. Ms. Schroader continues support through book contributions and other industry speaking engagements.

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